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You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

<You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown> is a Musical by Clark Gesner written in 1967. It's based on the characters created by cartoonist Charles M. Schulz in his famous comic strip Peanuts. This piece is taken out of the revised version published in 1999. Alone one day, during lunch, Charlie Brown talks about his bad days. Then he notices the Little Red-Haired Girl and decides to go sit with her. However, he cannot find the courage to do so, and puts a paper bag over his head. It turns out it is Lucy and Sally, chatting together. They draw a dress on the paper bag, while Charlie Brown, feels like he has no confidence. Monologue Script Charlie Brown: There's that cute little red-headed girl eating her lunch over there. I wonder what she would do if I went over and asked her if I could sit and have lunch with her? ...She'd probably laugh right in my's hard on a face when it gets laughed in. There's an empty place next to her on the bench. There's no reason why I couldn't just go over and sit there. All I have to do is stand up...I'm standing up ...I'm sitting down. I'm a coward. I'm so much of a coward, she wouldn't even think of looking at me. She hardly ever does look at me. In fact, I can't remember her ever looking at me. Why shouldn't she look at me? Is there any reason in the world why she shouldn't look at me? Is she so great, and I'm so small, that she can't spare one little moment? ...SHE'S LOOKING AT ME SHE'S LOOKING AT ME (he puts his lunch bag over his head.) Suitability Difficulty 挑戰難度 (五★為最高): Vocabulary 詞彙:★★ Understanding 理解:★★★ Memorisation 背誦:★★ Pronunciation 發音:★★★ Facial Expression 表情:★★★★★ Gesture & Physicality 肢體動作:★★★★★

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