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Mad Hatter from <Alice in Wonderland>

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Alice Adventures in Wonderland is a classic book written by Lewis Carroll originally published in 1865. It details the story of a young girl named Alice and her adventures in the fantasy world after falling through a rabbit hole. It was also adapted into a Hollywood blockbuster movie by Tim Burton in 2010. It is also a very popular theatrical choice. The Mad Hatter is one of the people she encounters there, along with the Door mouse, the rabbit, the caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts etc. The Mad Hatter, the host of a tea party, is celebrating an 'unbirthday' with guests and when Alice arrives at a tea party, she doesn’t understand what an ‘unbirthday’ is. When she indicates that she is late as she needs to catch the rabbit, the Hatter breaks her watch by putting butter and jam on it, making her watch ‘mad’, just like the Hatter himself.


Monologue Script

Let’s all congratulate ourselves with another cup of tea, a very merry unbirthday to you! No room, no room, no room, move down, move down! No, No, NO! Ah well it’s very rude to sit down without being invited. I say it’s rude, why it’s very rude indeed! Hah! Birthday? Hahahaha, my dear child, this is not a birthday party! Oh No, no, no, no, no! This is an unbirthday party! What do you mean you don’t understand? Hahaha ….. She doesn’t know what an unbirthday is! How silly! Ah hum…I shall hallucinate! Now statistics prove, prove that you have one birthday.

I mean, imagine, just one birthday every year?

Ah ha, which means there are 364 unbirthdays which is precisely why we’ve gathered here to cheer! But first, how about another cup of ……

Oh the time … THE TIME, What? Have you lost the time? What do you mean you are late? Let me look at that clock. Well no wonder you’re late! Why this clock is exactly 2 days slow! We’ll have to look into this. Aha! I see what’s wrong with it. Why this watch is full of wheels. Shhhhhhh why yes you’re right. It needs butter and it’ll be as right as rain… This my dear is the very best butter, I’m sorry Doormouse, what did you say? Tea? Oh, I never thought of tea. Tea Yippee! Jam you say. Yes jam, MUSTARD? Are you mad? Don’t be silly child! There we are. Now that should do it! Hahaha …. Look at that! Oh dear, it seems to be going mad! It is going mad!

Mad watch! I don’t understand. It was the very best butter. There’s only one way to stop a mad watch, ….. oh dear….. Well it was a mad watch ….. Oh dear, dear, dear ….

You say it was an unbirthday present as well! Well in that case, a very merry unbirthday to you! To who! To me, Yes you! A very merry unbirthday to you! Who me? Yes you! Oh me! VOCAB congratulate 祝賀;恭禧 kənˋgrætʃə͵let unbirthday 除了生日以外的任何一天ˌənˈbərTHˌdā hallucinate 使產生幻覺 həˋlusn͵et statistics 統計資料 stəˋtɪstɪks imagine 想像;猜想 ɪˋmædʒɪn precisely 精確地;準確地 prɪˋsaɪslɪ cheer 歡呼;喝采 tʃɪr wheel 輪子;車輪 hwil as right as rain 絲毫不錯;十分正確 Mustard 芥末 ˋmʌstɚd SUITABILITY Difficulty 挑戰難度 (五★為最高): Vocabulary 詞彙:★★ Understanding 理解:★★★ Memorisation 背誦:★★★ Pronunciation 發音:★★ Facial Expression 表情:★★★★ Gesture & Physicality 肢體動作:★★★★★

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