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60 Years of <Singin' in the Rain> - Perfect time for a new one?

<Singin' in the Rain> is arguably the greatest movie musical of all time. The notable melody of the song and the scene of Gene Kelly singing and dancing with an umbrella on the street. All those elements set the golden standard for what came after them. Its significance in the history of American Pop Culture came from marking the transition from silent movies to the talkies, which then led to the Golden Age of American movies. 2022 celebrated 60th anniversary of <Singin' in the Rain>. Watching it today, it is still an absolute classic! You may wonder, are we going to have a new <Singin' in the Rain> for this generation? The answer is here! Oscar-winning Los Angeles set movie musical "La La Land", starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, first hit cinemas back in 2016 and now it is being turned into Musical Theatre Production in the Big Apple! No Broadway premiere date has been announced yet but we are all looking forward to watching this masterpiece going from screen to stage in the near future!

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